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Application Forms


Age 13-15

Youth Leader

Age 16-18 AND Past Camper




RAYEC takes place in early August. Applications are accepted from February to May 15. It is not first come, first served. Campers will be notified either way by June 15.



RAYEC accepts 60 youths age 13-15 each year based on their applications. This camp is FREE for the campers that are selected, thanks to the generous support of our partners and sponsors! 

Youth Leaders


Each year 10 past Campers between the ages of 16 and 18 have the chance to attend a 3-day training session and return to camp as volunteers called Youth Leaders. These young adults have gone on to further develop their leadership skills with many volunteering in their local communities, attending leadership conferences and even returning to the camp as adult volunteers!


You will apply in an essay-style format and those selected will attend the training session in Medicine Hat, arriving four days prior to camp (usually on Wednesday). This training will further develop your management, leadership and communication skills. You will participate in team building and get to familiarize yourself with your roles and responsibilities for camp. As a Youth Leader, you will assist the Campers with their business plans and also help lead the recreation activities. 

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