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RAYEC and Venture Start Up in 2021

We all miss the Rotary Alberta Youth Entrepreneurship Camp and would have liked nothing more than to spend a week of our summer at Eagles Nest Ranch but it just wasn't meant to be for 2021.  However, we offered a great new program for youth to get working on business knowledge and be ready for RAYEC 2022!  Read on below for a better idea of what was offered.

MHC Venture Start Up  |  Presented by RAYEC


Venture Start Up (VSU) program is an entrepreneurship program for youth that are not only interested in learning about business but putting their ideas into action. VSU has been developed by Medicine Hat College (MHC) with the support of RBC. The program provides theory, skill development, mentorship and practical experience.


Youth will be able to access the learning modules virtually and work on various components over several weeks. The youth will be supported by weekly meetings with the course facilitator and can ask questions anytime to a business coach. During the program, youth will also be assigned a business mentor - someone they can talk to about their ideas and get assistance in building their business.


Once the learning modules are complete, the youth will be tasked to run their business in their local community, perhaps at a farmers market, virtual marketplace or other method of their choosing. They will still be supported by their business mentor during this time. Once the end of the VSU program is reached, it will be time to celebrate learnings and reap the rewards as the teams can earn prizes as well as make money in their business.

Who should register?

Youth aged 12 to 16 who are self-starters, motivated and enjoy creating something new.  Youth are encouraged to work in a team with one or two local friends.


What is the schedule?

Registration - now closed
Learning Modules - May 10 to June 25
Business Launch & Operations - June 25 to August 1 (businesses don’t need to run the entire time, just have operations/sales at some point in this timeframe)
Celebration - August 16


What do you learn?
The online learning will cover all the essential skills you need to start a business.   A business coach is available to ask questions and a everyone gets a business mentor.  Click here to see the learning modules.

What is the cost?

There is no cost for the program, thanks to the generous support of RBC. However, youth must be committed and ready to put in the time and effort required.


You may have some questions - happy to answer them!  Check our our FAQ page first.


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